Multilayer Networks Library for Python (Pymnet)ΒΆ

Pymnet is a free library for analysing multilayer networks. Available for download directly from our repository.

Main features include:

  • Pure Python implementation

  • Can handle general multilayer networks

  • Data structures for multilayer networks and multiplex networks

  • Scalable implementation for sparse networks: memory usage scales linearly with the number of edges and number of nodes

  • Rule based generation and lazy-evaluation of coupling edges

  • Various network analysis methods, transformations, reading and writing networks, network models etc.

  • Visualization (using Matplotlib or D3 as a backend)

  • Integration with NetworkX for monoplex network analysis



Overview of the design of the library and benchmarks


Reference for all functions and classes in the library


Easy way of getting started with various topics

A pdf version of this documentation is also available.